How To Link Twitch To Discord: Acquire The Skill

Thinking of ways to stay connected with your friends, followers and subscribers on Twitch? Twitch has become a global platform for online live streaming with more than 200 million viewers and 2 million streamers, this platform is gaining popularity at a substantial rate. Whether you’re a viewer or a streamer, connecting with more people who share the same gaming passion and interest as you can be pretty exciting. 

Twitch Streamers know the importance of communicating with their viewers to keep viewers entertained the entire time they stream. Sharing vital gaming information with your Twitch mates is what makes the game even more interesting. Apart from the whisper on Twitch, there is another way where you can chat with all your Twitch friends and followers. You have probably heard of ‘Discord’. Discord is a useful social tool especially if you are chatting on Twitch. Groups of players sharing common interests, fans of a specific game, or even finding extra partners to play games with; Discord can be a great way to meet new people or simply hang out with through the chatting channel either via text, video or voice call. For streamer and viewers alike, discord has become a popular medium to interact with friends and followers.

Need help figuring out how to link your Twitch account to Discord, so that communicating can be quick and easy? We have got all the guidelines you need to know about linking your twitch to discord. Just read through this blog to get all your questions answered. 

But first, what is Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging and voiceover IP (VoIP) platform particularly was designed for the gaming community and now is being used as a communication tool in education and businesses as well. Initially created in 2015, it’s versatile chat, video and voice function has gained the attention of over 250 million users worldwide and is most popularly used by Twitch users. Communication in the discord between users occurs via text, image, video or voice in a chat channel and its interface resembles somewhere between Skype and Slack. 

Discord is a platform used between groups of people sharing varied interests. Discord users can join or create servers. Servers on Discord are basically divided into two parts; a text channel and a voice channel. These servers can either be public or private where users can meet new people or hang out with people sharing common interests and discuss on multiple topics. It is free to use and is accessible on all mobile devices, tablets as well as desktop applications including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linuz and in all web browsers. 

Discord is great to use especially if you’re on Twitch. Chatting via the app is easy, offers good search function if you’re looking for other streamers and adding friends for quick communications. Users can create their own private and password protected servers or public channels within Discord. Users are sent invitations by channel moderators to join a channel.

Linking Twitch to Discord

If you want to integrate your Twitch account to Discord, then simply follow these steps on how you can link your twitch to discord:

Step 1: Head over to user settings

Log into your discord account and open user settings. It is located next to your name on the bottom left. Click on it to open the user settings panel. 

Step 2: Connections

Open the connection tab and click on the Twitch icon as your connection method. A window will show up where you will have to link your Twitch account and discord account together.

Once the connection is complete, you will get a message confirming that your Twitch and Discord accounts are now linked. You can look for all the streamers that you are subscribed to or even twitch friends and join their servers from that page.

Join a linked server in Discord

Some communities or streamers on twitch may have a subscriber-only discord server, or sometimes streamers may hold special giveaways or events that requires you to join a server. Channel moderators usually sends users an invitation link with which they can join a specific server. You can join the server either through the web browser, app or the join menu. Here are three options on how to join a server on discord.

  1. Join a server in a web browser

To join a server on discord through a web browser, click on the invite link that’s given to you. Sign in your discord account if you already have an account and join the server. If you don’t have an account, then discord will ask you to provide a username. Enter the username and click on ‘Continue’. 

  1. Join the server via discord app

Sign in your discord account on the app and click on the invite link that’s been provided to you. This will automatically open the app and will ask you to confirm whether you’d like to join the server. Once you have joined the server, discord will add it to your server list, which appears on the left side of the app.

  1. Join the server via join menu

Either in the desktop app or the web app, you can join the server by clicking the plus or add sign on the bottom left of the server list. Click on Join a server. Paste the link and press join.

For streamer and viewers alike, discord is definitely a great place to interact with friends and followers and keep the spirit of chat on Twitch alive. Now you know how to link your twitch account to discord. Stay engaged with all your Twitch friends and users via discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to connect twitch to discord on phone?

Log into your discord account and open user settings. Open the connection tab in the user settings tab. Click on the Twitch icon as your connection method. Link your twitch and discord account together.

  1. My discord twitch integration not working?

The twitch-discord integration can take up to 24 hours to complete but this normally takes a few minutes. If it is still not working, then try to log out of discord and log back in. You’ll have to wait a little longer for it to show up, if it is still not working.

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