Twitch Streaming Career| Is it Really Possible?

Twitch Streaming Career | Is it Really Possible?

Streaming has become one of the most popular sources of entertainment for people nowadays. If you look at streaming websites like Twitch, you’ll see there are 100M viewers monthly watch different streams of their favorite streamers. But still, the question arises, is it safe to start streaming as a career? If you are just new at this and want to start to twitch streaming, don’t let the 100M monthly viewers fool you. There might be a lot of viewers here, but there are also quite a lot of streamers. But not all of them were successful. So, what made some of them unique and successful where others weren’t. Also, what exactly is likely for you to get success in your streaming career? Let’s talk about Twitch Careers and its possibilities. 


About Twitch

Twitch is the world’s most popular streaming and entertainment website. It was founded back in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. The idea of live streaming as a source of entertainment was revolutionary. It became popular within no time among gamers. Twitch was also focused on video game live streaming back in those days because it was getting very popular. But right now, the Twitch streaming platform is not only used for streaming games. The idea of becoming a streamer is not bounded by being a gamer. If you are good at music, you can stream it. If you just want to talk with your followers (which is, by the way, most popular and goes by the name stream IRL), you can do it. You can vlog if you want. In other words, in Twitch, you can stream whatever you want until you follow twitch terms and policy. 



Twitch Careers- How to Make a Careers at Twitch TV

Twitch Careers- How to Make a Careers at Twitch TV      

There’s no mathematical equation that can solve this question. Most of the time, it is luck-dependent. But luck doesn’t come overnight. There are tons of streamers who play the same game which you play. So, what makes you different? What will be the reason for people watching your stream instead of them? Well, you have to find your own answer. But here, I will share some tips that can help you to build a good career at Twitch. You might call it a career guideline. 

  • Grind Everyday: Twitch algorithm doesn’t promote new streamers that easily. You need to stream every day and for a long time. In the beginning, nobody will watch your stream. That is the hard truth. But you play your game for fun, right? You shouldn’t worry that much for viewers at the beginning of your streaming career. Like, all successful streamers out there also started from scratch. You are not different, and they weren’t different; you aren’t special, they weren’t as well.

  • Be Good at What You Do: Okay, people will watch your stream only if you are good at it, right? I mean, if you suck at the game you play, why will they continue to watch your stream? Ask yourself, will you watch someone’s stream if he sucks at it? So, it is important to make sure you are really good at this. As I’ve said earlier, you can stream everything in Twitch. It doesn’t have to be gaming always. If you are good at something, show it to the world, Twitch will be the medium. 
  • Get Inspiration: The good thing about Twitch is you can stream and as well as watch streams with the same account. Now, there will be people who do exactly what you do, I mean, what you play or stream. Some of them are already very popular by now, and some of them are your favorites, right? So, what made them successful? They play the same game you play. You have to watch their streams regularly. You need to seek inspirations and tricks they use to cheer their audiences for hours and hours. You shall apply those to your stream as well. 
  • Collaboration: A very useful way to get audiences in Twitch is making collaboration videos with other streamers. Well, this is not going to happen from the day you start streaming. You need to build a community, and you need to engage with them. Before that, you need to join a community and become active more times, make friends who also stream. Thus, you can make collaborations with them in your twitch stream, and this is a unique technique to get more viewers and subscribers. 
  • Stream Setup: Some type of streaming doesn’t require high-performance PCs. For example, the Just Chatting category only requires a camera and good internet to stream. Some streamers use their mobile phone to stream. But in the case of video games, you need a moderately high-end PC. Because you need to stream and play at the same time, which requires more resources. Also, you need a Facecam if you are considering twitch as your career. But the most important part of stream setup has a very fast internet speed. The whole streaming experience depends on your internet speed. 

  • Stream Decoration: At the beginning of your streaming career, these are the only investments you should do which makes sense. First of all, if you are a gamer, you should have a good-looking logo for your channel. It should be unique. You will need a twitch banner. You can get some custom overlays made for your stream, which makes the stream decoration more attractive and aesthetic. Twitch alerts are one of the most important factors for an excellent streaming experience. You can also get some custom-made alerts for your stream. Nowadays, animated overlays are the most popular, but you can get static overlays as well if you are on a budget. Also, get a decent webcam for your stream. 


There will always be arguments for starting streaming as a career, but it is never too late. There will be a lot of streamers coming in the future, and they will become successful too. So, why you won’t? If you really think streaming is your thing. You can engage audiences for hours; then, I highly encourage you to start streaming from today. Have some faith in yourself and follow the rules I’ve told—best of luck.   


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