How to Block Ads On Twitch: You Need To Know

Ever watched a YouTube video, or a live match or even scrolling through your phone without an ad showing up on your screen. The answer is No, because we live at a time when ads are wired into everything we do and with the easy access to our mobile devices, marketers won’t give us a break.

Let’s face it, everyone hates pop up ads and most of them appear when clicking on certain websites or apps. The repetitive advertisements that viewers are constantly bombarded with cause viewers to lose interest on what they were going to do. The promotional drama on why you should buy this product or use this service is highly unusual and it gets to our feet. Ads on Twitch are even more annoying especially if there are dozens of ads that simply invade our screen for hours when watching our favorite streamer live in action. 

With the rise in Twitch streaming popularity and more than millions of global users all tuned in for long hours, twitch has turned into a marketing ground for advertisers.  No one likes it when an ad pops up while you are watching your favorite streamers. Viewers are always on the lookout for blocking ads entirely or forever if they had the option. Need to know how to block ads on twitch? We are going to consider on the various types of ads on Twitch and provide a guide on how to block ads on Twitch.

But first, what is Twitch?

Twitch is video game live streaming platform that allows users to stream their game play live or watch someone’s gameplay. With more than 140 million monthly active global users, Twitch has gained massive popularity over the years. Mainly because of its streaming feature and with the growth in eSports, viewers are moving to Twitch to watch live games shows and video gamers.

Twitch viewers enjoy watching masterminds at work as they get the chance to improve their gameplay. Users get to pick their favorite game or watch important tournaments between different players and bet on rivals. Viewers can tune into and listen to live commentaries or interact with professional streamers in real time.

Why should you block ads on Twitch?

Twitch restricts its broadcasting service only to video games which is great for gamers out there who love to live stream or watch games with no distractions. Viewers enjoy watching streams, videos and everything else on Twitch. One of the major issue that they face are the huge amount of different ads such as unskippable ads or too loud ads they have to overcome when watching anything on twitch. Twitch forces viewers to watch video pitches that are longer than YouTube ads. For 5 minutes, ads will show up after every minute in different languages.

This long stretch of unskippable ads can make the viewers irritated and turn off the entertainment all at once. Jumpscare are the worst kind of ads on Twitch. These ads appear suddenly and because of the loud music integrated in these ads, viewers often complain that these ads are louder than the stream itself. It may feel like someone is screaming during the stream with the headsets on. Twitch does not auto-tune the volume of such ads, making it impossible to ignore.

Users even get the chance to watch streams later in case they missed with the of Video on Demand feature. These VoD are past-streamed contents that appear on the broadcaster’s channel as Recently streamed. However, Twitch has turned into a popular site for ad makers and these VoD are more infested with ads than regular live stream. Sometimes an ad might contain malware, therefore blocking ads on twitch stream before the site download them is a safer option. Advertising formats such as these ads are the main reason why blocking ads on twitch seems like a good idea.

Adds type

The types of Ads on Twitch

Promotional ads that are repetitive are irritating for viewers. There are many types of ads on twitch from ads that can be simply disabled by adjusting any browser’s settings to ads that are impossible to turn off. Banner ads are the first type of ads that most adverts use on Twitch and they can be easily removed.

If you’re using Chrome than any free ad-blocking extension such as AdLock works best, or adjust the browser setting if you are using other browsers like Firefox or Opera. Pay-per-click or PPC ads are what are inserted into your Twitch streams and these ads cannot be easily disabled, you will need ad blockers such as AdLock to sort this issue.

There are certain type of ads or promotions that streamers do themselves in their streams. Such promotions are directly sponsored by advertisers and cannot be blocked. The last type of ads is when you are watching VoDs, these videos contain more ads than regular streams. AdLock can block the annoying PPC ads and pop up ads on VoD.

Certain types of ads that viewers are also likely to see include Facebook targeted ads, double clicks nets, criteos, yahoo ads and app nexus ads. Facebook ads target audiences with high amount of registrations ads. These ads drive audience to their website by delivering the right type of customized message to them. Double click net ads are more common on Twitch and are used by marketing agencies and other networks to drive up sales and traffic.

These ads offer profitable gains from digital marketing investments. Behavioral ads or also known as criteo are ads used by e-commerce brands to attract customers. Yahoo marketing ads related to search engine marketing solution ads pop up over and over again. Twitch platform is used to directly publish ads related to App Nexus app contents.

How to Block Ads on twitch?

Many Twitch users complain each month about Twitch ads being too loud, appear frequently, and ads related to same products and services pop up over and over again. Ads can be irritating and when too many ads show up every time you watch a stream or video on Twitch, you might lose interest overall. Here are some steps you can implement to block ads on Twitch whether on the stream, app or any other devices

Using AdLock to block ads on the Twitch 

Ads on Twitch are built in such a way that when you are watching a live stream of your favorite streamer, ads will appear in the exact same stream as the video you are watching. This makes it difficult to find out what’s an ad and which part of the video stream is the ad installed. Worry not, AdLock can solve this annoying problem and block these ads for you. 

Use AdLock to block Twitch ads on Windows browser

AdLock is set up in such a way to not only block Twitch ads but stop all types of daily commercial contents you come across when browsing any websites. To stop Twitch ads in a browser, all you have to do is download AdLock for Windows and install it on your desktop, as simple as that.

Use AdLock to block ads in Twitch APP on Windows

Twitch Desktop is an all in one app designed for gamers and broadcasters on Twitch available for Windows and macOS. Features such as community, dashboard, chat, voice and video chat option are all included on this app. Twitch app for Windows has numerous annoying ads.  AdLock helps to block ads in the Twitch app for Windows as well.

Use AdLock to block ads in Twitch APP on Android

Ads popping up on the screen when watching game streams in the Twitch app for Android, can be extremely irritating. These ads always seem to creep in exactly at the most important moment of the stream. Also every time you switch the video quality, reload the page or tap on another video to watch on the app, you are greeted with these pesky commercial ads. To block ads on the Twitch App on android phones, all you need to do is download the AdLock and install it on your phone. Then launch the app and check for updates. Updating your AdLock app is important as commercials ads and their insertion are frequently changed to overcome ad blocking services. 

Use AdLock to block ads in Twitch APP on iOS

It is more difficult to filter ads on iPhone/iPad apps like Twitch and others because of the iOS architecture and Apple’s policy. Thus you can watch through a browser to stop the ads and is fairly cheaper than premium subscriptions or use Twitch Turbo which is a paid version to block ads.  

Block ads on MacOS

Blocking ads on MacOS is similar to that of Windows. Either you can use an ad-blocking extension/app, alternative Twitch players or buy Twitch Turbo.

Overall, we are constantly invaded with promotional ads on everything we do these days. Ads
on Twitch can disturb the peace and mind you have when you’re watching your favorite
streamers, but now you know that there are ways to block ads on Twitch with the help of
adblockers such as AdLock. These services are handy and they do their job right when it comes
to blocking the most irritating pop up ads. You now no longer have to worry about ads and you
can resume to using Twitch without any more distractions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it important to block ads on Twitch?

Some ads on Twitch can be really annoying such as the unskippable or too loud ads when watching anything on Twitch. Other types of sponsored ads are promoted by streamers and if you want to support their cause then it is totally up to you. You can customize where you want to block ads and where you want to see ads.

  • Can I really block pop up ads?

Yes, If you wish to block ads, then using AdLock is great for removing all kinds of commercials ads on Twitch, browsers, app as well.

  • How do I block ads on VoDs?

Many streamers allows ads on VoDs, these ads are longer and more irritating than the ads on regular stream videos. If you want a solution to block ads on VoDs completely then use AdLock, you won’t face any more issues with ads.

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