How to Get the Golden Kappa Emote on Twitch

How to Get the Golden Kappa Emote on Twitch

The Twitch Devs have included Golden Kappa as a cool Easter bunny. It’s a gold version of the most popular Kappa emoji, rather than the grayscale version of it. Its existence was questioned and remained a myth for many years. Twitch has neither acknowledged nor denied the existence of Golden Kappa and has refused to reveal how or why users obtained it. It is most typically discussed on Reddit and other forums whenever it appears.

History of Golden Kappa

There was a security breach in Twitch in October 2021, and a huge amount of information was exposed, such as how to get Golden Kappa. It revealed that twenty Twitch staff had access to the emote’s codes and could distribute it to any users at their will. This explains why some users only get the Golden Kappa for a few days (typically 24 hours) while another user might have it for months in his account.

How to Get the Golden Kappa Emote

A user doesn’t have to do anything specific to get the Golden Kappa emoji in their chat. It directly applies to the users by an RNG (Random Number Generator). Nobody knows when someone will get the emote because this information is not transparent to the public. But, an assumption says that the most active users in a chat should get the emote once after two consecutive days.

As you’ve seen that getting Golden Kappa to emote is totally based on your luck. Though, on 26th October, 2020, Twitch let all the users use Golden Kappa emoji for six hours uninterruptedly. This was the only time when users saw a massive flood of Golden Kappa emote in Twitch chat. Since then, everyone has been waiting to use the emote again, but such a day never came back again. Our source also says Twitch doesn’t have any plans to do that again in the near future. 

Although there is no Golden Kappa emote officially from Twitch right now, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Some streamers have modified emotes for their own channel, and some have a modified Golden Kappa emote. Right now, you know that this is not the official Golden Kappa from Twitch, but you can still verify it by hovering the cursor on the emote. There will be another name for the emote, but if you get the Golden Kappa, take a snapshot because this is the rarest emote on Twitch.  


I’ve already told you that you cannot get the Golden Kappa to emote at your will, and there is no chance of using it. If you are lucky enough, you will get the emote for a very short time because it is assigned randomly. I suggest you use the greyscale Kappa emote as much as possible because this might increase your chance of getting the Golden Kappa to emote to your account. So let’s not lose our hope and seize the moment when we get the Golden Kappa emote.

If you want to know about the MonkaW Emote read this.


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