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How to make trees grow faster in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular video game where players can play two main modes to create and break different blocks in three-dimensional worlds. Minecraft used to be a simple game of mining and crafting until many features had been added to it and took it to a different level. Many players wonder how to make trees grow faster in Minecraft as trees are vital for survival. Without trees, there would be no source of wood for players, which can lead to a challenging time to get very far in the game.


Trees in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players see six main species of tree- Oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia and dark oak that are generated structures of wood and leaf blocks. Players may see trees varying from different ranges- from a maximum of 30 blocks for giant jungle trees to a minimum of 1 block for bush trees to

Giant oak, dark oak and giant jungle trees grow branches, which means the woodblocks can be connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally to the trunks or other branches. Generally, one tree contains one to six branches whereas every branch has between one to six woodblocks. On the other hand, small oak, jungle, birch, and spruce trees do not contain any branches.


Tre canopies are crafted from leaf blocks and grow one block higher than the highest woodblock; however, exceptional is the giant oak tree which leaves can grow three blocks taller. Tree canopies are generated from roundabout spherical clusters of leaves about 5–7 blocks and can grow up to 6 blocks from the ground. The leaves are centred on sections of the trunk or branches, supported by an adjacent trunk to avoid disappearing.

How to make trees grow faster in Minecraft

In Minecraft world, you can plant trees by yourself to decorate. This article will explain how to make trees grow faster in Minecraft. This is not a complicated process at all and is easy to understand.

Minecraft: Obtaining bone meal to fertilize saplings

Growing trees in Minecraft can take much longer, and there are no other alternative ways about it. Nevertheless,v players need the wood urgently that the trees provide. You will need an element called bonemeal that offers a quick and easy solution to speed the growth of trees and several different forms of plant life. And sapling by chopping trees down with an axe. You can receive bonemeal by doing two options- either grinding it down from bones, bone blocks or making a composter. Experts suggest you go for the composter route as you can turn many items from it into bonemeal. The composter is defined as a fed plant matter that will eventually fill up and be produced by new crops or other miscellaneous plant matter lying around, such as flowers, fungi, or dried kelp. If players toss it into a composter, they will be rewarded with one piece of a bone meal when it is filled.

Once you get the bonemeal, carefully maintain the steps written below if you want to make a tree grow faster in Minecraft.

  • Step one: Keep the sapling on the ground. You may see some saplings like Dark oak saplings that won’t grow unless you place them in shady places.
  • Step two: You have to put the bonemeal in your hot bar and use your interaction key on the sapling. Keep doing it until the tree fully grows because it might take more than one bonemeal.

You can use these two steps to grow all of the tree saplings in Minecraft, such as warped and crimson fungus, into fully grown trees.

Steps to Grow a Tree

1. Plant the Sapling

Add your sapling to your hot bar and make it the selected item in your hot bar. Next, position your pointer (the plus sign) on the block you chose to plant the tree. You will notice the block become highlighted in your game window.

At this moment, you most probably have seen your sapling appear on the ground. Now at this point, you have two choices. You can either speed up the growing process using a bone meal, or else you cam wait and let your tree grow into a full-grown tree naturally.

  1. Choose your Location

If you wonder what kinds of tree saplings you can grow or where to find them, the list below has all of the saplings in the game and where you can find them. Besides, there are a few requirements you may need to consider, such as picking up a grassy area with enough dirt. In addition, a place with accessible light is necessary no matter you plant the saplings inside or outside. Choose a site that is free from blocks as your saplings can not grow appropriately over the blocking.

  • Oak Saplings: You might find oak saplings from Oak trees in Forest, Mesa Plateau biomes, Extreme Hills, Swampland.
  • Spruce Saplings: To get spruce saplings, you need Spruce trees in the Taiga biome
  • Jungle Saplings: You may get jungle Saplings from Jungle trees in the Jungle biome.
  • Birch Saplings: Birch saplings are found dribbling from Birch trees while it is chopped down in the Forest biome.
  • Acacia Saplings: Acacia saplings can be found from Acacia trees spawning in the Savanna biome.
  • Dark Oak Saplings: To get dark oak saplings, chop down Dark Oak Trees; You can find these in the Dark Oak Forest biome.
  • Warped Fungus: To get a warped fungus, find a Warped Forest in the Nether and chop down a Warped tree
  • Crimson Fungus: You can get crimson fungus from a Crimson Forest in the Nether and chop down a Crimson tree.

3. Fertilize the Sapling

Select the bone meal in your hot bar and then use the bone meal on your sapling in order to increase its growth.

Wait until you get a few bone meals before you see your tree rise up to a full-grown tree.

Why are my trees not growing Minecraft?

When a tree starts growing up, a height is chosen and the ground and space are checked. If the ground has no space for the chosen height, there is a high chance that the tree will not grow. Bone meal is generally used to increase the growth of the saplings as well as maintain the growth of the trees without sufficient light.

What’s the tallest tree in Minecraft?

Yellow Meranti is one of the species that stands 89.5m tall in an area of forest known as ‘Sabah’s Lost World’. It is in the Maliau Basin Conservation Area which is one of Malaysia’s last few unblemished wildernesses.


Though defining Minecraft is difficult, it is an action-adventure game that provides players with a boundless world to explore their heart’s content. The world of Minecraft contains easy tasks of mining resources and crafting new objects. You need to plant and grow trees in order to enjoy more. So if you have gone through the article, you are aware of how to make trees grow faster in Minecraft. Play and enjoy!!


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