Stream League Of Legends

How To Stream League Of Legends

League of legends, usually referred to as LoL, is quite the famous game in the gaming industry. The huge fanbase of this mobile game took it to a whole different level. Stream League of Legends, many gamers got to establish a good fan following and also, the game got all the recognition it could get. 

Wanting to know how to stream this widespread video game is very normal and today we’re gonna help you learn. In this article today, we’ll talk about the different ways of streaming league of legends on various platforms. So stay tuned! 

League Of Legends

Before going forward, let’s learn a little more about the game.   

League of Legends (LoL), is mostly called “League”. It’s a multiplayer online video game that’s based on battle arena and was both developed and published by Riot Games in 2009. After the game got released in October 2009, it has been free-to-play to all users. This game is monetized through purchasable character customization. You can play League of Legends on Microsoft, Windows and macOS.

What Is Streaming?

The term “Streaming” in the current digital world refers to simply recording yourself playing a game.  In the live streaming of a video game, users record themselves playing games to a live audience online. Streaming online started to become popular in the mid-2010s on the US-based site called “Twitch”. Then later it took its place on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, China-based sites Huya Live, DouYu and Bilibili and many other services. By the year 2014, Twitch streams had a lot more traffic than HBO’s online streaming service HBO Go

Professional streamers these days earn from different sponsors, subscriptions, ad revenues and donations. They seem to combine high-level play and entertaining commentary so that audiences enjoy it without getting bored. 

What Can Live Streaming Do? 

Live streaming can help one transform a hobby of playing video games into a career of streaming. At the same time, it brings with it the risks associated with all this fame. Whether they be inside the video game or in real life, stuff like stream sniping or  stalking and swatting is always a matter of time. The easy ways of entering the industry in terms of technology and audience allows a wide variety of streamers and games to be broadcasted.

Now that we have a better idea about streaming games online and the video game League of legends, we can proceed to the next step. We’ll tell you different ways of streaming this game on different platforms. 

How To Stream League of Legends on Twitch

You can’t really talk about live streaming without mentioning the infamous site Twitch. Twitch is a fundamental part of the live streaming ecosystem. Twitch started as a gaming platform but in the past few years, it has allowed content creators of all genres. So even if you’re not a game streamer, you should still know how Twitch works to get into the world of live broadcasting.

Creating a Twitch account

Twitch’s features are accessible to only registered users. If you want to interact with any kind of content, you’ll need to create an account. The same goes for content creators. 

How to create a Twitch account

Setting up an account on Twitch is easy. Twitch has an extra step for those who want to live stream on the platform but in the end, it only needs three steps. For your information, Twitch accounts are completely free!

Review the community guidelines. Read the guidelines before you’ve made the account. You would like to bookmark the page to check back for new updates.

On a desktop computer, creating a Twitch  account is as easy. You just need to click the “sign up” button and fill out the form.

On mobile devices though, you need to download the Twitch app. Twitch would recommend you to sign up with your phone number initially and to add an email address later.

Enable two-factor authentication. You can’t broadcast on Twitch without enabling 2 factor authentication. And another boomer is, you can’t enable 2FA on mobile devices. So you’ll have to head to a desktop computer, log into your account, find the security settings and enable 2 Factor authentication. You’ll need your mobile phone to complete the 2FA process as you’ll need the code they sent on your phone number. 

Which softwares to use for live streaming on Twitch

Every software has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular options are:

OBS Studio-  

OBS Studio, one of the top choices for any novice streamer, is a free, open-source streaming software with cross-platform compatibility. It can take some time if you’ve never used any live streaming softwares before.

Streamlabs OBS- 

The Streamlabs version of OBS has some great features that can help you monetize your channel in a better way. It’s only available on Windows though. You can try reading about the differences between the two softwares to help you decide which one you want to use. 


It’s a common solution for broadcasters who are ready to pay for the software. It only benefits you if you’re willing to invest in the software.


 You should consider this option when you think you’re ready to become a pro streamer. And if you’re looking for a quick start on Twitch just to check if streaming is your cup of tea or not, try Twitch Studio. It’s Twitch’s proprietary streaming software that’s currently in open beta. 

If you want to try broadcasting to other platforms besides Twitch, you’ll need to install an additional software solution to your roster so that you can go simultaneously.

What type of hardware to use for broadcasting

You don’t actually need the latest version of CPUs or the newest model DSLR to be broadcasting on Twitch. The platform doesn’t support 4K streaming as YouTube does. So you can simply get away with lower-quality gear or whatever you can afford.

It needs to continuously handle gaming and encoding. You’ll need a fairly strong CPU for that. The Intel Core i5-10600K and AMD Ryzen 7 5800X are good mid-range choices whereas the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is a solid budget-friendly option.


A Nvidia RTX graphics card comes with built-in hardware encoders. You can use it with OBS Studio to support your CPU. Some other good GPU options are the Radeon RX 570 and the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

Dual-Computer setup

You use one computer for gaming and the other one for encoding and streaming. The one with a stronger CPU should be used for encoding. You can start streaming with an i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and an uninterrupted internet connection. The more you expect from your content, the more you’ll need to invest in the basic gears. 

A microphone

Unless you’re a famous gamer who can attract and hold several audiences simply by playing games, you’ll need to offer something more than that to keep your viewers engaged. Audio commentary lets you show your personality and communicate with your audience better.

A webcam

If you think you are comfortable with showing your face or you should add facial expressions and other forms of non-verbal cues, you’d have to invest in a camera. If you want to upgrade the video quality of your Stream League Of Legends, you can also try using a DSLR camera. To use it with live streaming software like OBS, you’ll need a capture card. Although a DSLR camera is more expensive than a webcam, it does upgrade your content value.

For a basic setup for streaming, a PC, a microphone and a webcam are all you’ll need.

Additional Streaming Gear

Even though the basic setup is a great way to start off, eventually the lack of production value will make you want to add more gears to your collection. Whether you want to add another computer or you just want to look good on the camera, you may need to pick up some additional gear.

Some of the gear you might want to consider are-


If you’re Stream League Of Legends with a camera, you can consider using some flattering light that would make it easier to be seen. There are lots of options. LED softboxes, a ring light and cheap clamp lights too. If strategically placed, they can get rid of unseemly shadows.

Green screen 

Whether you want to add to your background or remove it, a green screen can be very useful. 

As you become more experienced, you’ll start figuring out which gears you really need and which ones are not compulsory. 

To become a content creator, the bar is high. Especially if you want to be successful. Some of the basic steps to start streaming league of legends on a desktop are-

Plan Your Content

Twitch now supports many different types of content. You should understand that different types of content require different types of gears. As we are learning to stream league of legends, we’ll only focus on that in this article.

Set up your gear

Before you start Stream League Of Legends, make sure all the hardware you need is connected. Test everything. Set up your webcam at a good angle and check out your audio levels on the mic. 

Install the software

Any one of the softwares we mentioned earlier in this article will work great for Twitch. After installation, OBS Studio will ask you whether to run the auto-configuration wizard or not. If you consider opting for a manual setup, you’ll get acquainted with some important aspects of streaming also. 

Firstly, head to File > Settings > Stream in OBS Studio. Choose “Twitch” as your service, then connect your Twitch account to OBS Studio. You’ll only need the login information of your Twitch account.  Paste it into OBS, and you’re done.

Add all the sources and visuals you plan to use

Everything you want to broadcast in your Stream League Of Legends, starting from your screen to your webcam needs to be added as a source in OBS. Even the game you play, Stream League Of Legends has to be added as a source. If you want it on your stream, you’ll have to add it as a source on OBS.

Find your perfect streaming settings

The Stream League Of Legends settings you want for Twitch depends on some particular things. The available upload bandwidth, the type of content you want to broadcast and the power of your encoder. Higher bandwidth, a powerful processor and being able to dedicate it to only encoding will provide you with higher quality settings.

Following the five steps we mentioned above is the simplest way to set up your OBS Studio for your very first stream. But you will have to learn more about streaming later if you want to take things up a notch. 

So in this article , we tried to mention everything we knew about streaming League of Legends on Twitch. We hope we can help you with this article. Thank you for reading! 

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