How to use Twitch API

How to use Twitch API

Every time you use an application on your mobile phone that requires Internet and sends data to a server, actually that time you use an API. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. Apps including Facebook, instant message or the weather updates, API retrieves the data, interprets and execute it back to your phone. On the other hand, Twitch lets developers with products and solutions by extending the lifecycle of entertainment beyond the screen.


How to use Twitch API


Step 1: Register an application: In order to register the app to use Twitch API, follow the steps- 


  • Log in to the developer console by your Twitch account. Sign-up to create an account if you don’t have one. Twitch sends an email to verify your account when you sign up. Make sure to open the email and confirm your account before you get started. Consider enabling two-factor authentication. Open your profile, navigate to Settings, Security and Privacy, and follow further steps to enable two-factor authentication. Restart your console to finalise the changes. 


  • Go to the Applications tab and then tap Register Your Application. 
  • Set a unique name to your application’s name. 
  • Set OAuth Redirect URLs to the callback URL. Then click Add for authorisations. 
  • Select a Category of your app. 
  • Click the I’m not a robot checkbox, and press create. 
  • Return to the Applications tab, navigate your app under Developer Applications and click Manage.
  • Memorise your Client ID and Click New Secret to generate a secret to use in Step 2.


Step 2: Authentication using the Twitch CLI


For your convenience, here’s the process to use the Twitch CLI to generate an OAuth access token that’s necessary to access Twitch resources.


brew install twitchdev/twitch/twitch-cli is the Homebrew command to install the CLI on macOS or Linux.


CLI usage


When you finish installing the Twitch CLI, open a terminal window and enter Twitch at the command prompt to display the CLI’s usage.

Getting an access token


Enter the twitch token at the command prompt in order to get an access token. This would be the first time you’re running the token command. The CLI will ask for the client ID and secret you created in Step 1. After entering the ID and secret from Step 1, the CLI will get you back to an access token that you’ll need in Step 3. 

Step 3: Making your first Twitch API request

Now you can make your first request as the CLI is configured with your client ID, secret, and access token. Enter the following Twitch CLI command to get information about the TwitchDev user: 

twitch API get users -q login=twitchdev



Twitch API Integrations


Create and run workflows using the Twitch API. You can use hundreds of open-source triggers and actions across 400+ apps. Or write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds.


return await require(“@pipedreamhq/platform”).axios(this, {

  url: ``,

  headers: {

    Authorization: `Bearer ${auths.twitch.oauth_access_token}`,

    “Client-ID”: `${auths.twitch.oauth_client_id}`,




Choose an API to Connect with Twitch API


  • HTTP / Webhook
  • Discord Webhook
  • GitHub
  • Telegram Bot
  • AWS
  • Twilio
  • Slack


Twitch API Guide




The API endpoints that retrieve information typically use query parameters. When multiple values are provided, the parameter also should provide multiple times rather than comma-separated values.


As example:  &login=twitch&login=twitchdev&login=twitchgaming 


Data Models


With the Twitch API, users can remove irrelevant external data, get back to consistent structures, and streamline responses to a single layer. While streamlining the data models, there is a lot of overlap between users and channel objects; hence, they are converted into user objectives.


Rate Limits


Twitch rate limits are bounded to prevent API from being submerged by too many requests. A token bucket algorithm is used that counts for a request. The refill rate is set previously on a steady-state rate, and the fragment is the maximum bucket size. Every client ID has a point refill rate of 800 points per user, indicating the bucket size of 800 points. The limit is across all Twitch API requests, and it shows an error: HTTP 429 when the limit exceeds. 


When making an API request, you will see a set of rate-limiting headers to help the application respond correctly. The headers are written below:


  • Ratelimit-Limit: This is the rate that refers to the points are added to your bucket by which you can make over a long time. It demonstrates the average number of requests per minute.
  • Ratelimit-Remaining: The number of points you have remaining to use.
  • Ratelimit-Reset: When your bucket is reset to full, you will see this Unix epoch timestamp.


Service Unavailable Error


If you face an HTTP 503 (Service Unavailable) error, retry again. If you face a similar error once again, there might be something wrong with the downstream service. For relevant updates, you can check Status Page. 


Status Page

The Twitch API contains a public Status Page that provides detailed information about service health and incidents. Subscribe to this page so that you can receive automated alerts.



The Twitch API allows other tools and data to build up Twitch integrations. The data models and systems are outlined initially to offer the relevant data through a consistent, reliable and easy procedure. 


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How to use Twitch API

How to use Twitch API

Every time you use an application on your mobile phone that requires Internet and sends data to a server, actually that time you use an API. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. Apps including Facebook, instant message or the weather updates, API retrieves the data, interprets and execute it back to your phone. More

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