How to Whisper in Minecraft: /tell, /msg, /say Commands and Their Use.

How to Whisper in Minecraft: /tell, /msg, /say Commands and Their Use.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of this generation. It is fun to play, thrilling and adventurous. It has a never-ending map, and you will never know where is the end of it. The most interesting part of this game is everything here is built with square blocks. You can collect those blocks and build anything you want. You are the shaper of your dream here. Also, you can harvest crops, can get some animals such as pigs, cows, chickens, sheep etc. You can kill them, or you can keep them and breed them. The game is full of excitements, and there are real peoples play this game with you in real-time. You can say this is a multiplayer game. People who are playing with you at the same time can be contacted through some commands. Here I’ll tell you how to whisper in Minecraft. 





How to Whisper in Minecraft

How to Whisper in Minecraft

Before whispering in Minecraft, you need to enable the command mode from settings. Commands are nothing but a set of strings that can be used for a better experience in the Minecraft world. Remember commands are case sensitive. That means you have to put the exact same strings to give any command. So, how to enable command in the first place? Well, it is a very easy task. When you build a new world in Minecraft, you’ll see an option of enabling the cheats. You need to enable cheats in order to use the command mode. After enabling the cheats and once your world loads, you can give a command by pressing “C”. It will pull up the command bar where you will be able to write commands. You need to write a forward-slash (“/”) before writing each command. This is applicable for single player and a group, but it will not work with multiplayer mode.  



Some Commands Used In Minecraft

Some Commands Used In Minecraft

  • /help: It is the help command. This command is used for getting help from the game. If you want to know more information about something, then you need to use this command. To do that, you need to type as below:

/help<space>the information you want to know 

This will show you the information you want. 

  • /give: When you are playing the game, sometimes you will want to or have to give some item to a specific player from the inventory. The “/give” command allows you to make this giveaway. To do that, type as below:


You can send the desired number of resources from your inventory directly to someone by writing this command. 

  • /msg: If you want to send a message to a person privately, you can use this command. This message will only be delivered to the desired person directly. To do that, you should type as below: 

/msg<space>the person’s name<space>the message

For example, you want to tell someone “let’s raid”, and his name is jhon52. So, you have to write like this, 

/msg jhon52 let’s raid 



Shortcuts for Minecraft Whisper

Shortcuts For Minecraft Whisper

There are some designated shortcuts for whispering in Minecraft. Some of them are for random players, some of them are for all players, and some are for your nearest player. So, let’s have a look at those commands. 

  • @p: This shortcut is used to whisper to the nearest person from your position. Whoever is close to you will get this whisper when you give this command. 
  • @r: This shortcut is used when you want to whisper to some random players. This shortcut will whisper to some random players in the Minecraft world. 
  • @a: If you want to whisper to all of the players in your Minecraft world, then you should use this shortcut. It will whisper to all of them. 
  • @e: This is the shortcut for whispering all entities in Minecraft. 
  • @s: If you want to whisper to yourself, you have the option as well. By using this shortcut, you will be able to whisper to yourself. 



How to Whisper in Minecraft Chat

How to Whisper in Minecraft Chat

At first, you need to open the command tab by pressing “C”. Then you need to type the whisper command, which is “/msg” or “/say” or “/tell”. It actually depends on the plugins. Now the whisper command is simple, but you need to try each of them in case any of them doesn’t work for you. Type as below: 

 /tell<space>the person’s name<space>the message

For example, you want to tell someone “How are you?” and his name is onfroy52. So, you have to write like this, 

/tell onfroy52 How are you?

Or, /say onfroy52 How are you?

Or, /msg onfroy52 How are you?

Well, sometimes, you just don’t want to whisper to individuals like that. Sometimes you want to chat with the whole Minecraft world and the people in it. In that case, you can use those shortcuts I’ve mentioned above. So, how does that work? 

  1. Let’s say you want to whisper to the nearest person to you. You want to tell him to come to you. To do that, you need to type as below:  

 /tell @p come to me

  1. Now, Let’s assume that you want to tell random persons in the Minecraft world to follow you. To do that, you need to write like this: 

/tell @r Follow Me

  1. Let’s say you want to communicate with all of the Minecraft players in your Minecraft world. You want to tell them “hello world”. To do that, type like this: 

/tell @a hello world

  1. You can also whisper to yourself. To do that, you need to type this: 

/tell @s Hi, this is me. 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, sometimes the “/tell” command might not work. In that case, you need to try the “/msg” and “/say” to send those whispers. 




Minecraft commands are very useful in-game and let you communicate with others in this game. However, there are a huge number of commands and learning all of them is quite a hectic job, I know. But all of these commands have a common pattern that is easy to learn. I hope now you know how to whisper to someone in Minecraft.


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