League of Legends Races

League of Legends Races: Which Race Is The Best?

There are not many things more thrilling in League of Legends than base races. We can understand your goosebumps when clean macro and special team fighting go out the window and chaos prevails. Those moments are precious once Someone makes a crazy call, and everyone holds their breath, hopes for the best and goes with the flow. 

Base races do not usually take place frequently in League of Legends Races. But when they do, everyone gets out of their minds. The excitement and the hype do not know no bound with a bigger stage and higher stakes. 


Top 10 base races


1. Fnatic vs SK Gaming

It is well known that xPeke’s Kassadin play is the greatest backdoor ever and undoubtedly the most iconic play in the League of Legends Races history. But, as SK Gaming was pushing Fnatic’s base simultaneously, it was also classified as a base race. Since xPeke took the crown in our eyes as the most iconic base race in League of Legends  history, deciding it was tough between 1st and 2nd place. 


2. KT Rolster vs Invictus Gaming

In the 2018 quarterfinals, the world has enjoyed one of the best moments where Riot’s shout caster CaptainFlowers took the memorable moment to another level. If you have not watched it before, you should check out the Caster Cam during this play because their reactions are invaluable.


3. CLG vs TSM

You might get crazy after seeing another CLG appearance on this list. People watching a Base race between two teams is quite rare, but a base race between a team and minions is a world-beater. People witnessed this during TSM and CLG’s match back in 2013 MLG Anaheim.


4. Gen.G vs Griffin

The new electrifying team in the LCK took on the presiding World Champions, Gen.G, during the 2018 Summer split. When several impassioned groups fought, they were less than 1000 gold apart at 54 minutes. Overall, the finale was all a fan can desire after a match like this. 


5. Fnatic vs G2

The playoff between the greatest rivals in the EU, G2 and Fnatic, seems very exciting to watch without any fail. Moreover, their match during week 9 of the 2019 summer split was even more lunatic. Audiences held their breaths during the crazy ending since both teams were giving effort to backdoor at once. 


6. Team MRN vs Cloud 9

Though  C9 became one of the best North American teams ever, they could not make it for the first LCS split in 2013. Hai was a jungle back then as well as the roster appeared unique along with the best shot callers in League history. However, the call to base race against Anivia was not one of his best.


7. CLG vs SK Gaming

2012 World Championship contained nerve-wracking moments, and it was undoubtedly one of them. Doublelift’s Graves was pushing bot with two groupmates dead while SK Gaming, outstripped today’s G2 owner, ocelot, went for a play to finish the game through mid lane after low-kills 36 minutes of gameplay. The ending was psychotic. 


8. Splyce vs Unicorns of Love

We will need to go back to the first week of the 2018 EU LCS spring split. To find the best base races in League of Legends Races history in the eighth spot. Both teams decided to finish the game after a 67-minute brawl between the teams and a whopping 846 cs on Exileh’s Ryze in a very unexpected way. 


9. CLG vs Gambit

Game 2 of the 2014 IEM Cologne final saw a gentleman’s agreement between CLG and Gambit. CLG pushed bot, and Gambit pushed mid. Shortly, CLG figured out that it is difficult to move a Jax and Triforce Corki out. Nevertheless, it was too late as Gambit took a 2-0 lead and, in the end, took the title 3-1.


10. FLY Quest vs 100 Thieves

100T had an 8k gold took over Fly Quest, and rather than pushing their forefront into objectives and closing the game gradually, they resolved that a coin-toss base race was a fantastic idea. They conveyed in the base, but FLY took the chance and pushed mid. 


Understanding the Champion Classes

For many beginners to league of legends Races, the terminology may seem confusing and unclear. From lanes to monsters, newcomers do not understand the aspects of this game that do not superficially provide much detail into the meaning behind their name. Let’s jump into the classes and subclasses in simple terms so that newer players can better understand what each champion does and what class they belong to. 



Controllers are considered champions who generally assist allies in protecting kills and objectives. Consequently, most of the champions in this category play in the support role as well as occasionally extend the middle lane when required. 

Besides, they have a combination of healing, crowd controlling and shielding within their set of abilities. They also purchase items oriented towards helping their group mates frequently instead of increasing their strengths. Controllers fall into two subclasses, such as catchers and enchanters. 



Catchers care for being oriented towards applying crowd control to enemies instead of shielding or healing. They have long-range indisposing effects convenient for beating enemies because their primary goal is to permit allies to take advantage of said crowd control.

For example, Morgana is an excellent example of a catcher. Her most remarkable ability is a missile that roots enemies for a sizable amount of time, ensuring that her allies can quickly kill the target by hitting their attacks more reliably. 



Enchanters provide a more direct form of support rather than protecting allies indirectly. They have several different shielding methods. Though they have less crowd control within their kit than catchers, they can also eliminate enemies and reduce conflicts. 

An excellent example of an enchanter is Janna, as she has everything and can shield her allies with her E and heal them with her ultimate. Combining with slowing enemies by using her W and knocking them up with her Q and movement speed grants allies with her passive.



Being able to deal loads of damage and take their fair share, fighters outstand in close combats. Known as bruisers, their main strength is securing kills on enemies who often struggle to achieve their goal once disabled by any meaningful crowd control. Their combination of damaged strength and durability make them enormous threats in prolonged team fights. Fighters are divided into two subclasses: divers and juggernauts.



Laying out damages over survivability, divers strive for overcoming the preliminary weakness of being a fighter. They are able to survive for a moderately long time; divers are durable though they can get access to crucial targets much more manageable and are often more significant threats because of that.



Juggernauts are almost the exact opposite of divers while they lack pretty much any form of target access, rather than focusing on tiny bursts of movement speed and collapsing hits. Over time, they can fight massive amounts of damage by surviving long enough to deal with it, even though they incredibly allow crowd control.



The most notable strategy of a mage is that they cast spells requiring large mana pools so that they can do so successfully throughout a fight. They rely on their basic attack once in a while rather than using spells to deal damage, secure objectives and lock enemies down. Moreover, some mages flourish long fights, though others want to be in and out. Hence, they come along with three variants: artillery mage, battlemage, and burst mage.



The standard tactics of a marksman are their ability to deal damage through basic attacks. They deal with the constant deterioration of any class during the team fighting stage of the game. Since this task is both practical and straightforward, they sacrifice durability and mobility in order to achieve it. Marksmen have no subclasses. 

Example: Caitlyn sets a great standard of the strengths and weaknesses of the marksman class. Though Caitlyn depends on basic attacking to do damages, her W provides her with limited crowd control so that she can feel occasionally attack rooted targets for a small amount of time. 



Slayers are the class with the high damage potential and mobility in the game. They stand out, accessing priority targets and eliminating them efficiently, along with often getting themselves out of harms’ way in the process. Nevertheless, these strategies usually only work against weakening targets, and many bulkier enemies can ignore the damage from a slayer. 

As most Slayers are melee champions, they are similar to fighters and struggle against crowd control. Slayers fall into Assassins and Skirmishers these two.



Assassins involve in fights, murder highly dominating targets, and break free using their excellent potency. Throughout the time, they get pretty enfeebled frequently when they are caught in the middle of the enemy team with crowd control, and it is made apparent that their burst damage is almost unsurpassed.

Example: Talon embodies the perfect assassins who can sneak into fights, secure a kill, then sneak out. His E provides him with the ability to jump over walls, increasing his target access immensely.  When combined with his Q, he can jump to a target and deal damage. Between his W and his passive, he can quickly kill a frail target without facing any troubles. 



Skirmishers are well known as duelists, thrive in a one-on-one situation who can stick to an enemy and deal immense amounts of single-target damage. They are able to dive right into the enemy team instead of searching for a secluded target. They sacrifice a small amount of mobility that assassins keep for enhanced survivability and crowd control. 

Example: Jax belongs to every characteristic that a skirmisher has. With an E, he can dodge all impending attacks while R increases his defences and Q lets him jump to a selected target. Combined with his passive and W, Jax fits into this archetype cleanly. 



Tanks are experts in taking plenty of hits and apply vast amounts of disabling crowd control effects despite lacking on the offensive front. Though they fall victim to onslaughts of consistent damage, they outshine at surviving burst damage. 

Tanks tend to defend weak allies by creating space and applying crowd control to enemies that come nearby, or else disrupt the enemy team by getting right into the fray, blocking hits, and disabling their damage-dealers in team fights. Tanks fall into two subclasses: vanguards and wardens.



Compared to the tanks, vanguards are a more offensive variant. They have relatively high mobility that allows them to access priority targets to mess with their ability to carry fights impressively. Although they often have no way out of war once they’re in, they enable their teammates by nailing down their enemies down. 

Example: Malphite isn’t incredibly mobile, while his Q provides him with a remarkable amount of movement speed. His R grants him a one-way ticket to the enemy backline, knocking up anyone near the impact zone. His W and E are increasing his survivability and disabling capabilities and provide small amounts of damage. 



As their name suggests, Wardens defend teammates rather than invading the enemy team. They have more defensive counterparts than relatively offensive vanguards. Likewise, they use crowd control to obstruct anyone who would try to attack their weaker teammates, often assassinating in the process through knocking down incoming enemies.

Example: Shen is a great example who possesses all of the characteristics of being a warden that has already been mentioned. He can taunt enemies who are trying to attack his teammates. Using his E, he redirects their damage towards him. He can create a circular zone in which all basic attacks are nullified with his W while his R allows him to shield an ally from anywhere on the map, teleporting to them in the process. 



The League of Legends Races universe has become so miscellaneous that it has managed to create a surrounding living in the fantasy world of Runeterra with different creatures. Many players explore this fantasy world where the characters of League of Legends Races carry one of the essential aspects.  


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