PauseChamp Meaning in Twitch


PauseChamp is one of the most used Twitch emotes. It is the face of Ryan Gutierrez, but his mouth is shut. It is a version of the most popular Twitch emote PogChamp. The PogChamp is the most popular Twitch emote, which is used to express shock or wow. But the PauseChamp emote is used to express suspense. You can use this emote when your favorite streamer is trying to build a suspense moment or in an intense moment of the game. 


As already mentioned, this emote has already come from the PogChamp emote. It is the face of Ryan Gutierrez, who is also a streamer on Twitch. He goes by the name Gooteck. This emote was first introduced in 2019. Till then, it has remained so much popular among Twitch users and streamers.  

How to Install PauseChamp on Twitch

PauseChamp is not officially available in the Twitch emotes. You need to use external browser extensions to use this emote. There are two free extensions in your browser which will allow you to post PauseChamp in your favorite streamer’s chat. Let’s have a look at how to do that.   

The PauseChamp emotes are still not typically supported in Twitch chats. To use PauseChamp emote, you must add two extensions to your browser. FrankerFaceZ or Better Twitch TV (BTTV) are those two extensions. Let’s look at how to add such extensions to your browser.

  1. At first, do a Google search for “Google Extension.”
  2. The search will take you to Chrome Web Store Official site.
  3. Look for FrankerFaceZ on the web-store.
  4. Once you see the extension, install it.
  5. Provide the permissions if the extension requires any.

Repeat those steps for Better Twitch TV (BTTV) as well. 

How to use PauseChamp Emote on Twitch

Once you’ve successfully installed the extensions, you need to connect your Twitch account with them. Simply open the extension website, and on the top right, you will see the connect button. After the connection builds up, you will be able to use the emote on Twitch. Go to any chat, type PauseChamp and spam it on your favorite streamers’ chat. 


Using those popular emotes isn’t that hard. Those emote the heart of Twitch chat. But unfortunately, they don’t come default. I’ve told you how to use PauseChamp emote in this article, even though it is not Twitch’s default emote. I hope you can spam this emote in chats from now on. 

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