The Best Tips You Could Ever Get About Twitch Chat Rules

Chats are a unique form of communication in the Twitch community. Twitch Viewers are able to communicate with streamers, interact with other users, or simply comment on the content. Chats are great way to build connection, especially with the use of unique emotes, Twitch users express themselves and engage while they watch their favorite streamers. To a streamer, chats create a bridge to connect with their audience and grow their online community. And to keep the Twitch Chat spirt alive, it is vital to be respectful towards everyone on the streaming platform

Chats display unique voices and expresses opinions of members and streamers alike. Although chats are productive communications, members often forget that this is still a global platform. Negative comments that can lead to issues or violence is not acceptable on this platform and as a viewer or streamer, it is important to understand certain chat rules that are implemented by Twitch to maintain a positive online community.

Whether you are a viewer or a streamer, you need to keep in mind certain chat rules when expressing your opinion on Twitch. Here is a complete guide on Twitch chat rules that you need to know. 

General chat rules for the official twitch channel

Twitch allows its users to express their views and voice their opinions. Every voice is unique and must be used wisely in order not to offend anyone on the platform. Twitch has enforced certain community guidelines for all users using the site at large. 

Be kind

Constructive feedback is good but feedback that can be mean and hurtful to others is not recommended. It is important to take time to consider before you post anything online.

Respect other people

When making any comments, make sure you’re not sexually objectifying, being creepy, describing violent actions, describing any physical reactions or dehumanizing any one on the platform. 

Include everyone

Twitch is an open and welcoming platform for everyone. Do not generalize any types of people or encourage hate speech, discrimination based on gender, religion, race, language, ethnicity, sex or socio-economic background. 

Listen to the moderation team

Twitch moderators ensure that everyone adhere to the guidelines, if any one violates or circumvents the intentions of the rules mentioned then they are likely to face disciplinary action. It is important to follow the instructions of the moderators and professionally communicate with them regarding any concerns.

Twitch Chat Rules Template

Apart from Twitch’s official chat rules, each channel can create its own set of chat rules on how members should interact with each other. Create relevant rules that work well with your brand and helps in attracting the right audience that you want in your channel. The most common twitch rules you’re likely to find

  1. Be kind and respectful towards each other
  2. No game spoilers
  3. No hate speech, religious or political discussions
  4. No self-promotion or advertisment of any kind
  5. English only

Be creative and positive when creating rules that best fits with your brand and audience. Opinions matter as long as they are friendly and does not create any drama in your streams.

Twitch Chat Moderation

Successfully managing your Twitch community requires good chat moderations. Maintaining chat moderations that complies with the Twitch community guidelines is crucial to ensure that the chat is safe, and members treat each other with kindness and respect.

It is important to use some sort of moderations to ban hate-based speech and certain words (close to the spellings of the certain words) and most common discriminatory slurs from your channel. Taking primary actions in advance can save you time and prevents any issues arising from the use of inappropriate statements in the future. Twitch offers certain actions to help you as a moderator to combat these chat problems. Head over to your dashboard and click on preferences and then to moderation:


This feature is an automated method that catches potential risky messages in a chat. These messages are first reviewed by a channel moderator to ensure that no inappropriate messages appear before others. The Automod will flags the messages and the message will be held pending until approved by the moderator.  

Block hyperlinks: 

This feature blocks all links only the channel owner and moderator can post links on the channel. You can give access to share individual URLS while still blocking hyperlinks. It is recommended to block links in your channel, either by adding them to permitted terms settings or via chat bot.

Non-mod chat delay

Chat messages can have a short delay preferably around 2 seconds before appearing in your channel. This will give moderators and chat bots time to remove inappropriate messages before viewers can see them. 

Email verification

Users with a verified email address on their twitch account is a good option to prevent users from posting in your channel and reduces the risk of spam and harassment. 

Chat rules

Chat rules are great to moderate the flow of chat conversation and to inform new viewers on what sort of behavior is expected from them. You can create your very own set of rules that fits your brand and audience.

These moderator settings are helpful and can be used to block unwanted users from disturbing the peace in your channel

Argumentative on Twitch Chat

As the owner, you need to take control of your channel. Ban people from discussing religious or political topics that can lead to heated arguments in your channel. People can argue time to time but it is important to handle any arguments in your chats with ease and try to resolve as quickly as possible before it escalates into something violent or ask offending members to discuss their issues personally in their DMs. Your members have to understand to respect not only the members but also your chat moderator.

What to Ban on Your Twitch Chat?

Twitch is an open platform for every one and like many other social media sites, there are often people who will disguise themselves as members and show up into the streamer’s chats to simply annoy others by saying rude or offensive things to get attention and ruin other’s streaming experience. 

To prevent such toxic users, it is necessary to take some regulatory actions such as banning hate speech, discriminatory slurs, political or religious topics, certain words and hyperlinks to prevent spams and harassments from taking place. Trash talks that insult other streamers that goes beyond your content needs to limited as much as possible.

Comments that results in violence, harassment, discriminatory slurs, bullying, homophobia, sexism etc. will not be accepted. If any user continuously keeps breaking the rules, then get your moderators to suspend them or permanently remove them from your stream. Users banned by the streamers are unable to see the chats and any additional accounts through their IP address will be banned as well. 

Follow the Twitch Rules yourself

Streamers need to set rules that are simple and clear to understand. It is important that you don’t overload or bore your twitch followers with complicated rules as too many rules can lead to a complete loss of your audience’s attention. 

One important factor to maintaining positive attitude is to follow your own rules that you set for your own viewers. Do not go ahead and encourage others to break the rules if you’re not serious about the rules yourselves. Twitch expects everyone to abide by the community guidelines and as streamer there are rules related to your contents. Any topic or contents related to breaking the law, self-destructive behaviors, violent, threats or any hate related messages will result in complete ban of that user and their account will be suspended from Twitch. 

Add Twitch Rules to Chat

New viewers can also see the rules when they first try to type in the chat. This is a great way to ensure that all members are aware of what behavior is expected from them. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1– Head over to the settings options and tap on the channel and videos tab.

Step 2- Under settings, select on the Moderations option.

Step 3- Type in your chat rules in the provided space. These rules will show up the first time a user types to your community.

Chats are great way to build connections with your twitch community. By following the twitch chat rules, you are able to create a positive streaming experience for your followers. Rules don’t have to be rigid, you can modify them when required and clarify what are the consequences for breaking rules. Good communication is key, there is no harm in lightening the mood of your audience by sharing jokes, talking about upcoming games, movies or giving some good advice.

Keep conversations real with your twitch mates and streamers, spread positivity in the online community and remember not to break any rules when doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to see chat rules twitch?

For new users, you will see twitch chat rules pop up when you type in the message in the input field They are even available on the stream’s description.

  1. How to add chat rules on twitch?

Head to settings and click on the moderations. Type in the chat rules and there you go, if a new user types in the chat box, they will see the rules.


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