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Twitch Founder Badge- All You Need to Know

Twitch Founder Badge -All You Need to Know



If you are a streamer or an audience in Twitch, you are probably familiar with several Twitch badges. The fact is, everyone can obtain those badges if they follow some rules. In most cases, if they subscribe. Also, if you are a streamer, you can give a badge to anyone you like in your stream. But there is one badge that cannot be given to anyone, or a subscriber cannot get that badge whenever he/she wants. This particular badge is called the “Founders Badge.” This is one of the most exclusive badges in Twitch. So, what is the purpose and how to get this Twitch Founder Badge? Let’s talk about it. 



What is Twitch Founders Badge?

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What is Twitch Founders Badge?

I am assuming that you are already familiar with Twitch. So, I won’t dive deep into it. Let’s talk about the Founders Badge. Well, this badge is a token of supporting the new streamers. Only the first 10 to 25 paid subscribers of a new channel can get this badge. If that channel is a twitch affiliate channel, then he gets 10 Founders Badge. If the channel is a Twitch Partner channel, then his channel will have 25 Founders Badge. A streamer cannot upload a custom Founders Badge. This badge is only generated by Twitch and also distributed by them. 


How to get the Twitch Founders Badge?

As I have mentioned earlier, a streamer cannot upload a custom Founders Badge. So, getting this Founders Badge is quite impossible unless the channel you are going to subscribe to is a new one. If you are subscribing to a new channel, then the chances are huge that you will get the Founders Badge. You don’t have to do any additional tasks to get the Founders Badge. If the channel is a Twitch Partner, then up to 25 people, including you, will get the subscriber badge by subscribing to the channel. This is a token of support. 

A Founders Badge is a lifetime badge. It will never get lost unless the account is closed. It will show beside your name until the subscriptions are active. If you are not going to renew the subscription, the badge will still be yours, but it will not be visible to others. 

The Twitch Founders Badge is a recent addition to badge collections. That means if you were eligible for the Founders Badge in the past (before Twitch Founders Badge was introduced), you would be rewarded with the badge immediately. But if your account is somehow disabled or you got any suspension, then you’ll not be awarded this badge. Also, keep in mind that your badge will be only visible if the subscription is still active. If the subscription isn’t active, you will have the badge, but it will not be visible.     



Gift Subscription and Founders Badge

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Gift Subscription and Founders Badge

Sometimes you might be credited with a gift subscription to a channel. A gift subscription is also eligible to claim the Founders Badge. But you must meet the criteria to claim the Founders Badge. The criterion is mentioned above already. It is, becoming one of the first 10 subscribers for a Twitch affiliate channel or 25 subscribers of a Twitch Partners channel. 


How to Change the Founders Badge? 

If you are eligible for a Twitch Founders Badge, Twitch automatically selects this badge as your default badge. But you can always change this badge if you want to put another badge instead of the Founders Badge (example- Subscriber Loyalty Badge). You can change your badges from here: 


But you have to keep one thing in your mind; this setting will change the entire Twitch site badge settings for your account. This means if you are eligible for the Founders Badge for two or more channels, it will automatically change the settings for all channels. You cannot hide the Founders Badge for a specific channel and keep it for another channel. So, this thing you should always keep in your mind if you are changing it from the settings.   




Twitch streamers are the source of our entertainment right now. They stream every day for hours just to entertain us. We need to show our supports by subscribing to their channels. This will encourage them to create more good content. A Founders Badge is a token of support to the new streamers, which is appreciated by everyone. I personally encourage people to show support to the newest streamers. Only this support can make a streaming community much stronger. I hope you have the idea of getting a Founders Badge. So, what you need to do is finding out an emerging streamer, showing him your support, and you will be rewarded with the Founders Badge from Twitch.




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