What is Twitch VIP Badge? 

Twitch VIP Badge- How To Unlock And Use VIP Badge



Twitch badges are very popular among streamers and viewers. If you are regular in Twitch, then you are probably aware of various Twitch badges. VIP badge is one of the exclusive badges of Twitch. The amount of this badge is limited for streamers. There is a fixed amount of VIP badges for a particular channel. Obviously, the amount can rise by fulfilling some criteria. Still, the amount is limited, and that’s what makes this badge an exclusive one. Today I will tell you what a Twitch VIP badge is, how to get it and how to make someone VIP in your channel. 



What is Twitch VIP Badge?

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What is Twitch VIP Badge? 

Twitch VIP badge is a special badge that is provided by the streamer himself. He can set VIPs, anyone, from his followers. The VIP badge looks like a purple square-shaped badge, and a diamond is inside it. It will not be available for any premium subscriber instantly. Only the owner of the channel has the right to provide this badge. The badge is not customizable. 


How to Unlock the Twitch VIP Badge? 

Twitch VIP badge is not available for all streamers. You have to fulfill some criteria to get a Twitch VIP badge. At the initial stage, your channel should achieve the “Build a Community” achievement. This achievement will be obtained if you have 50 followers and five unique chatters in your channel stream. If you already have unlocked this achievement, then you will be rewarded with 10 Twitch VIP slots. This means you can set 10 peoples as VIPs of your channel. The VIP slot count will increase gradually with the increase of unique chatters. Let’s see how it works-

10 Unique Chatters- 20 VIP slots 

15 Unique Chatters- 30 VIP slots 

20 Unique Chatters- 40 VIP slots 

25 Unique Chatters- 50 VIP slots 

50 Unique Chatters- 60 VIP slots 

100 Unique Chatters- 80 VIP slots 

200 Unique Chatters- 100 VIP slots



How to make Someone VIP in Twitch

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How to make Someone VIP in Twitch

If you were already streaming and unlocked the “Build a Community” achievement, then you have the authority to set someone VIP from your channel. To do that, you have to go to at first. After logging in, you will see a profile icon at the top right corner of the site. Click that icon, and there will be a lot of options available. Select the “Creators Dashboard” from the options. After loading, select “Roles Manager” under the “Community” tab. The community tab is located at the left of the page. Now, to make someone VIP, you need to click on “Add New.” This will pop up a search bar. You have to type the username of that person. You want to make VIP. You can make anyone VIP in your channel. It is up to you. But you cannot make VIP a moderator. To make a moderator VIP, you need to remove the moderator role for that person. Only then can you make him a VIP member. After adding someone as VIP, you need to save it, and you are done. 

Another easiest way to make someone VIP is to write down “/vip @username” in the chatbox. This will make the person VIP with that specific username. 


Twitch VIP Perks

There are so many perks of being a VIP of a channel. You have almost every exclusive perk than other regular people of that channel. Let’s have a look at what you are getting from being a VIP of a Channel.   

  1. If you are a VIP, you are not affected by slow follower-only or subscriber-only chats.
  2. You will not have any chat limit rate. You can chat whenever you want, and there’s no limit to put. 
  3. You are allowed to have access to any chat rooms except the chat room for moderators. 
  4. If you are a VIP, you can post any link to the chat even the link sharing is disabled by the owner. 
  5. You can equip both VIP and a subscriber badge at the same time. 

But you should remember one thing. However, you have all of those perks available that doesn’t mean you can’t be moderated. The channel moderators can moderate any actions of a VIP member. So, you have to follow all channel rules, so the moderators don’t put any action against you. 



Some Tips for Streamers to Make Someone VIP

Some Tips for Streamers to Make Someone VIP

If you have ten or more than ten VIP badges available, that doesn’t mean you have to make people VIP anyway. Also, I don’t think you should make someone VIP only because he is following you from the very beginning. You can make the VIP badge into a special one. Consider making people VIP on special occasions. For example- if it is someone’s birthday. You can also make a giveaway for this badge. It can be for one week, one month, or whatsoever. The concept is, make this badge into an interesting one, so your viewers actually want to have them.



Twitch VIP is an exclusive badge. There are only a few badges available for a streamer to giveaway. So, you need to use them wisely. Though, you can remove the badge from anyone at any time. In this article, I’ve tried to tell you how to unlock VIP badges and how to use them. There are a lot of perks for being a VIP, but you are not immune from the moderators, so that is another important thing to look for. 

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