What are ' Twitch channel points

What are Twitch channel points


‘Twitch channel points’ gives streamers another implements to make their stream more interactive and engaging. It is a customizable point program exclusive to the twitch platform.  ‘Twitch channel points’ are the greatest way to upgrade your channel.  For live viewer’s channel points are a way to be recognized for all the ways they are supporting the community, from watching a channel to being part of a raid.

It is a new publicity that can be earned by active viewers of a live stream on a particular channel.  These points could be redeemed for momentary special chat features and custom channel rewards. With the addition of ‘Twitch channel points ‘ you could make the most interactive and inclusive stream for viewers. The customs reward makes this especially possible and assigns you to be original in what you make available to loyal viewers.

Twitch channel points for Viewer

The rewards for the viewers can be customized by every streamer. As a viewer, gaining points in a twitch channel to redeem for rewards is as simple as supporting the streamer. You can gain points by watching their streams or participating. And you can also gain bonuses. For the twitch Viewers, these points are good motivation to participate and watch streams. The points you gather can only be used on the channel where you have earned them. That means you cannot redeem points earned on one channel in another streamers channel.

Who can enable channel points

Twitch is developing the system so it is considered early access therefore available to only select a few affiliates and partners. So we can expect them to roll the feature out to all partners sometimes soon, but if you would like to participate in the beta you are going to need to sign up.

Customizing channel points:

If you are a regular Twitch viewer, you will have realized that not all the points icons are the same. So you can customize the icon with whatever name you want, which is what your points will be called. And you can set a picture related to your channel.

How to set up ‘ Twitch channel points

For setting up ‘ Twitch channel points, you might be an affiliate or a Twitch partner. Here we are showing some tips to set up ‘Twitch channel points ‘.

★ Go to your Twitch dashboard.

★Click on the button called ” Enable channel points” to activate it.

★To manage your rewards click on the “Manage rewards” tab to open up the list of the individual rewards.

★Re order the automated Twitch point rewards and determine how many rewards you want for each one.

★Then you have to add custom rewards which will appeal to your followers and help your community to make memes together.

How to use channel points

Channel points could be used on channel rewards that the streamer has enabled or added themselves.  Use your channel points as a way to collaborate with your followers. The goal of collection points is to redeem viewers during a live stream for one of the rewards the streamer offers. There are some tips for using channel points.

click on the points icon:

In a live stream this button will be in the lower left side of the chat.

Choose your rewards:

After clicking the button you will see a window with the rewards available. Then you will see the title of the reward, which was edited by the streamer and the points you need to redeem it.

Unlocking Reward:

If you have enough point to redeem, follow the given instructions in the rewards message and then confirm that you want to redeem this reward.

How to get channel points on twitch

There are many ways in which a viewer can get channel points while watching streams.

  1. Watching the channel
  2. Actively watching the channel
  3. Participate in a raid
  4. Follow a channel
  5. Watch streak 2
  6. Watch streak 3
  7. Watch streak 4
  8. Watch streak 5+
  9. 1st cheer
  10. 1st gifted subscription


Do streamers get anything from this

‘Twitch channel points’ are the marketing tool of sorts for the streamers. When a streamer can offer customizable rewards to viewers for watching and participating, It’s encourages the viewer to earn more points. So although there are no direct rewards to a streamer to take advantage of the channel points system that offers immediate monetary rewards the system is an excellent tool for the streamer to get more Viewers and subscribers.


Do channel points give money

To the viewers, Channel points are a way to be recognized for all the ways they are already supporting the community. Viewers don’t need to pay money for hours watching, so there’s no revenue to pay out from viewers accumulating channel points. The goal of using channel points is clearly to use a form of gamification, in order to encourage people to watch more content, without actually costing a bunch of money.

Limiting use

The best part about this update is the function that limits the uses of a particular kind of reward. For example, you can create   a new reward where a viewer can decide they want you to wear a funny costume, do a ridiculous dance or eat a full packet of bean boozed.

None of those options would likely want to be done once or twice in a row, therefore you can set the number of uses a reward can have per stream so people won’t be wasting their channel points, and you don’t need to do too much crazy stuff.

Do I earn channel points while watching a Twitch embed on another site

No, You’ll only get points when watching from the channel page at Twitch tv or in app.


‘Twitch channel points’ are the best way to gamify your channel and allow your Viewers to have fun. It is also a good way to allow viewers who don’t support your channel to occasionally use your emotes.


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